Psyching up

For Paris. Here are some things I want to do there:

Go to the montreuil hammam with Stacey

Go to the palais de Tokyo

Maybe visit the dog and cat cemetery in asnieres

Visit the musee de la mode and the musee gustave Moreau

Eat moules frites, falafel, salade au chevre chaud, and duh almond croissants…Drink chocolat

Wander in large old department stores

Go to markets

Obsessive & copious photography

Revisit the belly dance stores in Montmartre, the Oum Khalthoum cafe off the rue Mouffetarde, l’institut du monde arabe, and Monoprix, Monoprix, Monoprix!

What else should I do?? I only have six days there.

And I will be there without my erstwhile parasite, whoopee!

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