Yesterday we went to the musee de la mode. We saw an exhibition of wooden toys, animal art, and fashion from the 1980s and 1990s. We went to a chic bar called Angelina and had hot chocolate and a chocolate eclair with Jamie. Then we came home and ate dinner and watched tv. This morning we did yoga. Now we are at the market. I am drinking orange juice. My dad’s friend Marc is drinking white wine. My mom is drinking coffee. Nada is drinking mint tea. So is Marc. My dad is drinking orange juice. We are drinking all these things outside the bar. The weather is not really good. I’m happy that Nada is staying here.
We saw a female pit bull dog in the bar sitting next to the chair. She looks patient. We are going to a Chinese restaurant with some American students from south Carolina tonight.
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Location:Rue des Margottes,Montreuil,France

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