things to do with roses

The videos are taking forever to upload.  In the meantime, here are some of the gimmicky things I did at my reading:

I wandered onto the stage from backstage, a red lace schmate on my head, muttering poetry
In between each poem or poem-set I did something with or to a long-stemmed red rose:
I threw rose petals into the audience
I threw a rose into the audience
I plucked a rose petal by petal
I walked into the audience and chose someone to give a rose to.  I gave it to Stan.
I hit a rose against a hard surface
I put rose petals in my bra
I put rose petals in my panties
I got Drew onstage to play the drum kit that just happened to be there and danced about with a rose in my mouth
I put rose petals in my mouth and chewed them making faces because they were so bitter: ugh…then spit them out
I bowed at the end twice crossing two roses over my body

spitting out rose petals:  they were very bitter

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