Straw Men

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The maintenance men make me uncomfortable and are sometimes a disturbance.
I’ve had some Asian men make me uncomfortable with their familiarity. I can’t tell if they are being professional or close to crossing the line.
Camp men make me uncomfortable. I hate myself. I don’t mind camp men, I just wouldn’t want to sleep with one. I wish I was straight.
i never put milk in my cereal · mythological creatures; bald men make me uncomfortable. Hair is gross. Girls should only have hair on their head
Men who were socialized as men make me uncomfortable, but men who were socialized as women don’t.
Creepy Awkward Old Men make me uncomfortable
Not all older men make me uncomfortable (we’re talking 40s on up), but there are some strangers that give me a bad feeling.
Men make me uncomfortable and there are only a few I can have conversations with without stammering.
Kilted men make me uncomfortable, especially when it is windy.
I would run like hell because drunken men make me uncomfortable and he has confirmed that he has no self-control while intoxicated
And as a white, male, liberal Englishman, blatant straw men make me uncomfortable.
Something about Saudi men make me uncomfortable
Foreign men make me uncomfortable. Especially the French.
White pants ON MEN make me uncomfortable, I don’t know what it is, it’s too much. I don’t like it, I just don’t!
Socially awkward men make me uncomfortable when they just look at me.
It turns out sensitive men make me uncomfortable. I mean, crying after sex? Really?

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