2 thoughts on “poetry must be made by all

  1. this is well done. but who is he trying to convince? steve seems like a passionate guy, which is refreshing, but are the issues he's addressing in need of addressing?

    “is this worth flarfing? is that worth flarfing?” made me lol.

  2. john thanks for your feedback 🙂 i just noticed it

    good question about who i'm addressing

    i think i'm just trying to provide a vision + inspiration to my community.. there are a lot of people loosely interested in my poetry and similar work, and i'm interested in building more of a shared vision, almost mobilizing the community as more of a movement ? (but still only loosely..)

    by this getting posted on We Who Are About to Die (and then here unexpectedly), i'm maybe looking to expand that community to others who agree and like what im doing..

    so community building i think, and spreading good vibes/inspiration
    is maybe what i'm after.

    thank u john 🙂 and thanks again nada for posting this

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