bellydancing pink coral

Nemo is trying to climb up the armchair in my bedroom to get to the long pink balloons I have inflated for the headdress of my “bellydancing pink coral” costume I shall wear at the mermaid parade today.  He mews plaintively. I yell at him to get down, and now he is lying under the lamplight on my desk as I type this.


pink tulle crinoline
boy shorts to wear beneath
iridescent eggplant net scarf
pink coin scarf
gold coin belt
pink bra to wear under another pink bra edged with pearls and rhinestones
belly drape of yet another gold/pink coin belt, pinned on with an antique pink rhinestone brooch
fluorescent pink net fingerless gloves
armlets of koosh balls with bulging eyes/ the balls light up when bounced
fake curly burgundy hair that looks rather like my own curly burgundy hair to wear beneath my own as extension so that I am more mermaid-like
copious bangles with shisha (mirrors) in two shades of pink
large pink rhinestone earrings
false eyelashes with rhinestones in them
gold body glitter
child’s pink & rhinestone birthday tiara as base for the pink balloons
gold ankle bracelets
gold sandals
pink and gold eyeshadow
possible miscellaneous items to pin on:  pinkish-gold fake roses, starfish earrings with pink rhinestones, large, tentacled looking koosh ball that lights up when bounced, etc.

pictures, possibly video, to follow eventually

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