The Adjustment of Inmates to a Sentence of Life Without Parole (or, "The Longest Time")

Hi, when I go to bed, I have a feeling

of a line of thin mucus on right side
of the throat, which does not allow
to sleep unless it is thrown out
with coughing. Perhaps because
i gave head for a whole hour and
only stopped cos my lips got numb.
This is a list of spaceflight records.
Mangosteen for sure.
I got my queen today.
It never happens during the day time.
According to a pringle potato chip,
the longest time to stand motionless
is 20 hours, 10 minutes, 6 seconds. huh.
What is the longest time spent in
direct full body contact with ice?
What is the longest time any person
has stayed awake? For the longest time
I really thought his last name was Boner.
What’s the longest you have had a hickey?
What is the longest time you held from
breaking wind in yoga? And in what asana
was it finally released?
Like, were you ever addicted to a game
and played it for hundreds of hours?
and do you regret it? What was the game
and how did you feel?
I don’t wanna have a thing Up my but to remove the poo.
I’m afraid there’s no denyin’, I’m just a
dandy or 
blah jellyfish.
Well, I hope everyone’s poo ordeal
will be resolved well.
Happy pooing =D

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