Create Game

Do not believe that if women oral sex
to make people happy, but the day
itself suffering at the thought of how

it was and it may seem strange.
As a man you can never feel
the semen itself, is not it?

So no wonder that sometimes
women do not feel that the game
is. But for men, has been a sex game

oral sex more exciting! So how oral
sex more fun? Who knows, if you
managed to do what I can, it will

do so again and again … hmmm.
Clean. Yes. Cleanliness is very
important for them to perform

oral sex comfortably. Not only try
to make it comfortable, but also to
explore. Imagine how it is uncomfortable

to work when your genitals smell bad!
Do not forget that language plays a role.
So, wash and dry there. Remember

that the daily activities of the population
there, have caused the region less attractive
to women. If washing is necessary, both by him

that you both an exciting prelude. Tips for last,
but not shave all the hair is necessary, at least
not too big disappointment since. As a man,

women, full of beauty are like, a little cleanliness
will be very beneficial! For most women, lead
by the oral route is very important. Take

a comfortable position to build a good mood
to mate. For men, get to a position just relax to it.
Only the tips are not all women are like

when you’re standing and waiting there,
then feel hip like a king, or if your partner
does. You can not go to promote more couples

to swallow his head. Hey! gagged women
you might have! Have not most movies you see,
not all women can be influenced!

Create Game. Well, let’s say your partner
is still the woman does not like them, maybe
you can change to give food like chocolate sauce,

whipped cream, or other food scattered in the target
area and in other areas as additional games.
Do not forget to ask the impression, even if

need him with a sentence that says a lot
because you have been treated like a king flattered.
Although not as great, but trying your spouse.

In general, most women who do not swallow semen
when, but perhaps the man may taste more
interesting. Did you know that what is eaten by a man

so influential in the direction of his sperm?
As the taste of semen is not very strong.
If it is not ready to eat only vegetables

without meat, try eating fruit like kiwi,
watermelon, pineapple, celery, and are also
able to “relieve” a sense of sperm. In fact,

try to eat the fruit of plum, blueberry,
cranberry, because it will taste sweet at all.
Only information, beer and coffee will taste a little bitter.

One thought on “Create Game

  1. I am plunged into that white sustenance again,
    where a long, fathomless calm emerges —
    like a love that is futureless but binding
    for a body on a gurney submerged in bright light,
    as an orchard is submerged in lava —

    -Henri Cole

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