Drooping Novice

Sometimes my chest has these odd
sensations: I get a rush and then I shake
like I want to eat sugar and I’ll fuck there

quick drink after my bath. In good condition
I sang out to the charter of the skin at different
levels to ensure that the next day it will become

slippery and smooth. I also like my corn
to taste like corn ¬¬¬– cow corn and people corn.
The drooping girl novice was just a edit

of the male version: the antennae were
shortened a bit for this picture.
People are using their regular eyes

and if you want I can mirror them.
But I’m so nice! In the summer
I’m also seeing it flying like fireflies.

Let us then suppose an ugly Soul,
dissolute, unrighteous: teeming
with all the lusts; torn by internal

discord; beset by the fears of its
cowardice, performed by Life Of Agony.
Why don’t you let Mommy suck out your

soul? All wound up around the fur.
I don’t apologise for loving avocado.
Drooping Novice – Beg for zeny and

items in style? O Drooping Novice,
commit suicide is a silly stuff to me.
y? itz because every life has a beginning

and an end. all living things die eventually
by nature(automatically). thus, there is
no point to work hard to die manually.

still, i want to live in a peaceful world
without stupidness. so, if there is a lot
of blocked heads still insist to go to hell,

please and please! go ahead!
or the world would never peace.

Sometimes my chest has these odd
sensations. Fuck you and your bad vibes,
awesome sprite. Your sprite aint garbage.

People aren’t forced to share their sprites;
it’s just that I would like to eat sugar
when I want to eat sugar.

And if you want,
I can mirror them.

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