all I see are these puppets

Where are all my lovers
All those who loved me so much
Once when I was beautiful?
Farewell to the infidels
They do not know where
In other appointments
Me my heart has not grown old yet
Where are all my lovers,

In sorrow and the night comes
I remain alone, isolated without support
Without any hindrance, without love
As a derelict my heart is heavy
I’ve known that once the happiness
Evening of celebration and worship
I am a slave to my memories
And that makes me suffer.

The night ends and when the morning comes
The dew cry with all my sorrows
All those I love
Who loved me
In the wan days
are cleared
I see fog move on me
All I see are these puppets, they are the ones
Still struggling, supreme effort
I think the hug again.

(Actually, I don’t feel like this, but the occasion called for it.)

(Also, not to be petty or anything, but that is my CD.)

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