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‘My worst thing is a flowery gypsy skirt I’ve never worn’
My worst thing is cravings
my worst thing is when the chick said wtf is the problem with you. i straight up said what are you talkingg about. then we had sex. the she broke up with me
my worst thing is when i threw my mic at the wall and it broke piece a shiiii then i dented my t.v. by throwing by controller at it
Oh weird, my worst thing is wisdom tooth related too
My worst thing is rice.
My worst thing is people going around and asking the price of everything while the tag dangles in front of them
My worst thing is the “AAANNNNG AAAANNNGG AAANNNGG!!!!!!!!” sound of an electronic alarm clock going off. for Boner.
My worst thing is my ears.
Now my worst thing is the foggy-headedness.
My worst thing is my hair… it’s like a weird curly wavy bushy mess and I used to just paste it to my head to get it under control.
My worst thing is anything that involves cleaning toilets or bathtubs.
Probably my worst thing is intrusive thinking.
Funny that my worst thing is fractions
My worst thing is I can’t stay away from caramel. I will keep it up until I bend a wire or break a bracket and then I will go back to being humble.
My worst thing is menus describing non-meat dishes as a “vegetarian option”. What nonsense.
My fave thing in the world is laughter!!!
My worst thing is fear and the red covering I have over my shiny blue light.
My worst thing is the dry mouth and bleachy/mouthwashy type taste
My worst thing is the dizzyness!!!!! I hate it.
Absolutely my worst thing is drugs and learning about stds.
my worst thing is my parents think its just in my head, …
My worst thing is charlie horses in my calves in the middle of the night.
my best thing is my smile and my worst thing is my naughtiness(lol).
My worst thing is that I’m alone,. I’m not wanted, nobody interests themselves in me… nobody cares. Role and Self.
My worst thing is I beat myself up after a situation where I didn’t speak to anyone or was really shy.
my worst thing is my think
What the heck did you buy so many quail eggs for. My worst thing is coming away with a random single bird that looked unloved LOL
And my worst thing is champagne.
Though actually, my worst thing is when people ask me why I don’t do girly sexy costumes all the time.
My worst thing is that (I am poor student.)-“I hope to fly freely like fish.”
I’ve just started competitive trampolining and my worst thing is chickening out!
My worst thing is, well, I can’t stop playing with my pussy.
But my worst thing is the hair twirling, i wrap my hair tightly round my fingers and then start chewing it – gross i know, then wonder why ive always got a headache and my hairs splitting…. crazy, i contemplate having my hair cut short, but now its even started to develope a ringlet effect with the amount of twisting and turning i put it through- gives a whole new meaning to a ‘home perm’.
My worst thing is the way boys whack their willies in your back in the morning as a wake up call. It’s not as if we have an erogenous zone in the small of our backs, you know.

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