quinoa thingies

I made some quinoa thingies.  They are pretty good.

I guess I used about a cup and a half of quinoa flour.  I added about a cup of chopped moroccan oil-cured olives, a little salt and pepper, and sort of a lot of olive oil.  I’m sorry my measurements aren’t more precise.  Then maybe three tablespoons or so of water?  Not much, because the water makes them chewy, whereas the oil makes them flaky.  A sprinkle of fines herbes. I made flattish shapes in my palm, patting them flatter.  Those went on oiled baking sheets for ten minutes at 375 degrees, then flipped them and let them bake for another five minutes.

They are good. Careful of the salt: not too much, since the olives are salty.  The thingies (“crackers”?) have the texture of pie crust.  If you are a real baker you might want to consider rolling them out or something.  Anyway I like them, they are addictive: the bitterness of the quinoa flour against the nutty bitterness of the olives.

They are good with just salt, too.  Fleurs de sel if you got it. Yum.

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