This thought: the aim of a revolution should be not simply a redistribution of power and resources but also a practical application of caritas-love. Grappling with the disappointment of eros-love, the eros-love that was supposed to “solve everything,” to be the magic balm on the open wounds of the past, makes me suspicious of the ability of human beings to structure the best possible world for the greatest possible advantage to all. Is this just a terrible flaw in my thinking. Is it not even really thinking at all.

Depression really is just an awful bugbear of a thing.

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3 thoughts on “Grappling

  1. I don't know that this will help much, depression is awful, but (please pardon the Xtian emphases) at least someone else has related revolution and love: Zizek at the Occupy Wall St park:

    “They will tell us we are un-American. But when conservative fundamentalists tell you that America is a Christian nation, remember what Christianity is: the Holy Spirit, the free egalitarian community of believers united by love.”

  2. Yes, but he also says somewhere… perhaps I heard him say this in the film about him? …that there is not really any such thing as “universal lvoe.” He says that love is defined by its particularity/peculiarity. In a way, then, he's contradicting himself.

  3. Nada, I'd hardly like to be thought of as a proponent of Zizek, it's just his words are to hand.

    Additionally, I want to not that I don't think revolution will solve all our problems. Bullies will still be bullies, liars, liars, etc.

    But perhaps, perhaps, fewer people will be exploited, fewer people will starve …

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