Buy it or be…oblong?

Flarf Orchestra
Drew Gardner
ISBN 978-1-890311-35-3

Audio CD , Cover by the author
Genres: rock, jazz, avant garde, poetry, alternative, flarf
$11.00 direct from Aerial/Edge

Track Listing:

1. Rodney Koeneke (D)
2. K. Silem Mohammad (A)
3. Sharon Mesmer (D)
4. Nada Gordon (B)
5. Katie Degentesh (A)
6. Michael Magee (D)
7. Mel Nichols (C)
8. Eiríkur Örn Nor∂dahl (D)
9. Rod Smith (A)
10. Outro (A)
(A) Ty Cumbie (guitar), Avram Fefer (clarinet), Adam Lane (bass), John McClellan (drums),
Gregory Wildes (alto sax), 4.20.06, The Medicine Show, NYC
(B) Michael Clayville (trombone), John Orfe (piano), John Pickford Richards (viola), Kate
Sheeran (french horn), Elisabeth Stimpert (clarinet), 9.30.06, Dickinson College, PA
(C) Buck Downs (ac. guitar), Jamie Gaughran-Perez (el. guitar), Adam Good (el. bass), Paras
Kaul (brainwave music), Rodney Koeneke (percussion), Rod Smith (kazoo), Gary Sullivan (keyboard),
Lesley Poirier (percussion), Ryan Walker (ac. guitar), 2.18.07, DCAC, WDC
(D) Frankin Bruno (el. guitar), Katie Degentesh (el. bass), Ehran Elisha (drums), Eiríkur Örn
Nor∂dahl (el. guitar), Dave Ross (el. guitar) 4.26.08, Bowery Poetry Club, NYC
2011 Elklag Music (ASCAP)
New York City-based multi-instrumentalist and poet Drew
Gardner creates wild, spontaneous conductions of improvised
music played by indie rock, jazz and classical players and fuses it
with the outrageous poetry known as Flarf. Gardner has
painstakingly edited this compilation from several live recordings
into a suite of music and poetry that goes from post-rock to free
jazz to minimalism and back again, with an atmosphere that is
mesmerizing and riotous by turns.

Flarf Orchestra is one of several configurations from Gardner’s
Poetics Orchestra project, dedicated to combining the arts of
music and poetry. Gardner’s unique card and hand-signal
conduction system expands on those used by John Zorn and
Butch Morris.

Gardner often combines different types of musicians in his
groups: rock, jazz, classical and folk. The players on Flarf Orchestra
include indie rock guitar player Franklin Bruno (from the
Mountain Goats) classical piano player John Orfe (from Alarm Will
Sound), and jazz players Adam Lane, and Avram Fefer.
The nine Flarf poets include writers from all around the US as well as
Icelandic writer Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl. The Flarf poets use collaged
texts gathered from Google search results to create poetry.

Born in 1968, Drew Gardner is a pioneer of the Flarf poetry
movement and a multi-instrumentalist. He spent his early years as
a punk rock and avant-garde jazz drummer. He has written three
books of poetry, the lastest of which is Chomp Away (Combo) .
This is his debut CD.

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