Someone asked me whether the dollhouse was "art"

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I don’t know, it felt like sort of a loaded question. Isn’t everything an artist does art if she says it is? And isn’t it also problematic to assume that kitschy/marginalized/”women’s” pursuits like dollhouses are in any way not art? Is making dinner art? It is when Rirkrit Tiravanija does it in some kind of trendy art-sanctioned setting. Then someone else commented sort of belittlingly on how much I like handicrafts. Interestingly, both of these comments came from women artists whose work I adore. Is it that they want me to do things that are somehow more evidently accepted cultural-capital-gaining modes of art? Or are they positing some sort of a distinction between what I am doing with a project like this and what they do when they go off to artistic festivals for recognition and validation? I don’t know. I once mentioned to Carolee Schneemann that I had taken up sewing and she looked very concerned.

I don’t know, erudite readers, what do you think? Is this art? All I know is that I’m putting a lot of my self and my time into it, it’s full of emotions, the regressive aspect of it is totally seductive to me and heartbreaking too because of lost time, lost hopes, and the sway of contingency over everything.

I feel very isolated and I am also isolating myself in this tiny space.

2 thoughts on “Someone asked me whether the dollhouse was "art"

  1. II certainly don't feel like an authority or anything, but it's as much art as anything else that gets called art. I've seen a number of very similar installations in galleries and museums, for whatever that's worth. Have you ever seen the Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute in Chicago? I can't recall anyone ever saying get rid of those things and put in some art.

    As Robert Filliou said, “Art is what makes life more interesting than art.” This project certainly makes life more intreesting, etc.

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