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Beans Are Burning Bees 
Humming bowl of horseradish 
bump Burnt Chestnuts 
caterpillar mooched corn-colored 
hair crawfish bird Cream Puffs 
dance dancers Dippy the Wisp 
Egypt fairies father fire tails fish 
stars fixers flat feet George 
Hendrick girl golden cheese moon 
good-by green hat-eating horse 
green horse hats head Henry 
Hagglyhoagly huck bug hutched 
Jesse James King ladder lads long 
limber Andalusian long-nose 
looking glass mud slingers 
night oat fields Odd Fellows 
Hall Old Slicker Palace of Pickles 
Paper Sacks Peter Potato Blossom 
pink Potato Blossom Wishes 
Potato Face Blind prairie 
rabbits scarecrow scissors 
seven black rings short-nose 
Silver Pitchers sky blue cats sleep 
slutch soft Spanish Onions Spink 
and Skabootch spink bug 
stand summer never Susan 
Slackentwist Sweeter talked tell 
timothy hay told Village of Cream 
Village of Pick whag whispering 
cats whispering sky blue whispering wind

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