Softening the Blow at the Terror of the Heart of Existence

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Alyssum – heady sweet –
climbs up the bare soul’s
woozy spike.
“Everything happens for
a reason” – the so-called
 “dazzle painting.”
If someone shoots you
in the head, they had a obvious
reasoning behind it, wether it be
revenge, he/she wanted
to steal from you,
or mabey they just had Pleasure
pulling the trigger.
Metallic gasp. Fawn (faux)
husbandry. Lite tension.
What purpose
could anything
possibly serve?
Blame is like a
boomerang boomerang
a like is blame.
I have a soft lick –
do not die – little cement
empress – ache the garden,
again. With wings of cement.
1)   to stay warm in the winter.
2)   because their instincts generated
biochemical reactions that switch on behavior.
“If you look for and discover
the meaning in the random events
that happen in your life, everything
will change.”
The lynx sneaks out of the house.
The lynx spooks the house.
I have a bad impression. On my petal.
Poor caryatids – their heads.
Elegant chevrons of torment
(its hidden purr).
“You know, everything happens for a reason.”
“We wish you luck in your future endeavors.”
Vultures fly into a fiery
sky.  What time is it?
It’s happy hour in the Poconos.
“If you get in an accident and lose your leg,
it’s actually because god planned this for you,
and he wants you to learn something from it.”
Rain. Women. Song. Dry ice.
She went back to Texas
to work in hospitality
amongst ditzy sisters,
meaningless puppets tossed
on waves of cause and effect.
A little nausea is truly human.
That’s what my wife told me
on the morning of her first turkey hunt.
Justin Bieber Says
Everything Happens
for a Reason
Including Rape.
If you understand that everything
happens for a reason, than live sometimes
is much more easy.
Do I writh this wrong? Sixteen.
Sophomore. Cincinnati. I love lawling,
pretty things, and bebys ask me things xxx.
Instruments. Broody. TV. Castle. Bones.
We live out our lives
like one long sigh.

One thought on “Softening the Blow at the Terror of the Heart of Existence

  1. lovely poem, poem. it makes question
    this 'for a reason' structurally, i guess, figuring everything from initial cause, instead of closure,
    'the reason' then would be suchness,
    or 'as it is' and the learning, or what is to be learnt, or learnied,
    or if the world is a 'learniad'
    then reason is emblematic, or rather


    which conflates

    the tomb and the tome
    into a mispelling

    “an ought to emble”
    as in resemble

    and wehre our copula fails

    aught regales!

    I am what I am..

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