My summer vacation plans

I’m going to Japan soon.

I will start in Tokyo for a couple of days, then go to Osaka for one night:

I will stay at this hotel:

Then I will go to the famous temple complex, Koya-san, for one night. I have never been there; people always tell me how magnificent it is. I will stay in this temple:

Here is another photo of Koya-san:

Then I will spend three days exploring the highlights of the Kumano-Kodo pilgrimage trail.  It is a World Heritage site.

I will visit two little hot springs along the Kumano-Kodo. Here is one, Yunomine:

Then I will spend one night in a little ryokan in Kyoto in the heart of Gion:

Then I will stay here at this beautiful house for a month.

I cannot wait. I love Japan so.

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