Getting a Glimpse of My Truth


Being misgendered triggers

a white reader in mind. This

wave of “pink” a nicely packaged

idea: our social grievances are

connected. Asexuality isn’t well-known

as a hub for Wiccan activity.

Witches can barely nurture

predatory men. I was fifteen.

Nature tends to be used and abused,

leading to apathy, dropping classes,

or frequent skipping.

Keeping up with the grievance

news often feels soul-crushing.

Under capitalism, cocooning

attention and gender dysmorphia.

I always knew I was black bright

light, outed by a pregnant pronoun.

I’ve fiercely flung that door

wide open, exuding ethnicity,

to the internet’s no-bullshit standards,

where something you love is always run

by scummy men.

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