The demonstration last weekend was, to my surprise, very very fun.

Usually demonstrations make me want to cry.

But this one felt different. Could it have been because I was standing around with a bunch of sardonic poets making cracks that balanced out the potential ponderous earnestness of the situation? Why certainly. I remember at one point we all misheard one of the speakers say “women of mass destruction,” to which Bruce Andrews, just behind me, instantly quipped, “yes, with their portable biological labs.”

Or our chant — NO TOW NO TOW NO TOW NO TOW, which arose from the truncated sign that hung above the speakers’ heads,”the world says no to w(ar).

Other notable wisecrackers: Jeff Derksen, Kim Rosenfield, Kevin Davies, and Drew Gardner whom I’m thinking we should excommunicate from blogworld unless he starts blogging again.

What a bunch of smartasses! What a pleasure!

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