OIL: the precious bodily fluid, the liquid energy, the blood, of the deep earth.

Listening to Ocean Parkway out the window, the cars zooming past on the cold wet boulevard Olmstead designed and Moses fed a freeway onto…

*Robert* Moses, that is.

If the government put the money it is now using to frighten and dominate people into a miraculous major upgrade of all public transportation systems — imagine! If going to the subway were like going to a theme park or a cultural center or a fabulous indoor garden — and the trains were clean and comfortable and aromatherapeutic — and there were roaming entertainers telling jokes or playing melodious instruments — or sweet lovely people pushing down the aisles carts of delectable delicacies sold at low prices — and the most creative uses of hi technology to entertain decorate and inform — what then?

Not even the shinkansen is quite like this (but it’s a hellluva lot closer to it than the F train).

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