held (held!)
held me night
held (held!) held me

held dining might

twi-goose light

is the might
held my goose light

muffles light twi—————– twilight

grease and twitchless
held light


tiny verse caplet

fine dining light, dine and night

dining and twining and gooooooose
label brining

goose label brining

dining is feathered troy

held dine mint light
held dine mint light

belled by midnight
tied by belling
in their flatter might

heaven by midnight
dining my men
capped by midnight
in my wincing
dream – that’s a tur——–tle fly


eentsy common hind

lipping meanie


grizzly tiny lip

in my tiny plot

hubfest in my dining

my dining calm
my dining blob and ding tiny blob

russet eavesdropping
eavesdrop the shiny
she’s a goddess, a seal
a tiny blob, a tiny blob

and has a blobby eye

she’s a mormon, a mormon

and has a blobby eye.


dinah, my breast has a spent bobbin
fear sick and vice in liven bobbing

dish one was finer, fear dish one
finer fine roleplay fur, don’t take
my fear here there


(for the feast of the circumcision)

see hear and fear the tribe and vibe
as it comes in the helicopter

it’s a cold knee vibe
it’a a cold knee vibe

dranken golden

it has gold fleece

in lolly chan all meter hands
excel in pink

then we can see it in solemn
in solemn and pink

wrinkle——————– wrinkle

wrinkle ————– its mead distill


(for the feast of the epiphany)

guide his blang
guide his lotus

guide his blang, his blang

guide his lotus
guide his balm, guide his secret
guide his broom, guide his guide
guide his secrets, guide his lotus
guide his feeling, his lotus broom.

guide his mold –
chickens in jesus

guide his countess
guide his duchess

promise his goldfish
hold his spirit, hide
his calm, hide you,
promise his go—————–ldfish –
prime his matter, hide his
goldfish and shout:

guide his lom, guide his rhesus
guide his broom gui————–de his
lotus, his room, his trillium, his order,
his fenugreek.

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