Gary says I shouldn’t get all excited about newfound powers of precognition but… this is, you must admit, uncanny…

the morning before last, just before awaking, I had a vivid dream about Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is not a usual subject of my dreams, although Bill has appeared in them a couple of times, I think. I don’t remember what the dream was about exactly — perhaps I was making a documentary about her? Or perhaps I was following her around to express my admiration for her (I mean my admiration for her in the dream — in real life my admiration for her is considerably “problematized”)? At any rate, it was quite clear that this dream was focused on her.

And in my mailbox that very day, campaign mail from Hillary Rodham Clinton, United States Senator. Wha????

I just don’t understand, why Hillary Clinton?

Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation for this?

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