Today’s ensembles: masks & kameezes

Gary wears a UniQlo t-shirt with a motif of traditional Japanese masks. A birthday present from yrs truly, along with the black 501s. Footwear by Keens: serviceable and crunchy. Foyer also painted by me, can’t you tell? Feng-shui koi poster embellished with sequins ALSO by me. Postcard with the gypsy oud player from the Paris flea market. Mini silver service a wedding gift from Laura and Rodrigo. Glass jar a wedding gift from Murat filled with roses from our wedding party (from whence the peacock feather also hails). They still smell hypnotically sweet.


I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to continue the Outfit Project, honestly, but readers have spoken, and I thought my ensemble today was rather original. Lavender kameez with white embroidery and opalescent bugle beading, bought on Coney Island Avenue at one of the Pakistani shops, worn over a short full skirt of African or faux-African cotton print fabric in shades from deep grape to vivid violet. I like how the cultures are combining here for a fresh and novel effect. I would have held out for a better photo, but Gary is less patient than my tripod. I thank him anyway for his assistance on this beautiful September-like August morning. Shoes and bracelets (not visible) in gold to complement the purple.


Tomorrow evening I will be attending a wedding, and if it’s not too hot, I have an AMAZING dress to wear there. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Today’s ensembles: masks & kameezes

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