Today’s (actually, yesterday’s) ensembles: to the nines

A dress-up occasion yesterday: a reception to celebrate the marriage of longtime sweethearts Rick Snyder and Eleana Kim. They gave a beautiful and intimate party in the Flatiron district, so G. and I decided to put on the ritz.


The theme of Gary’s tie is “heraldic lions,” and I love this because it reminds me of my late grandfather Harold’s favorite restaurant (Lyon’s, somewhere on the Bay Area penninsula), which used a similar motif, I believe. They had a smorgasbord very conducive to overeating; I remember my boyfriend-at-the-time, Anthony, ate so much there he had to step out back and throw up. Anyway, the tie was one from a lot I bought on eBay several years ago when I first took it into my brain to sew things. I wanted to make a necktie skirt. I didn’t realize a couple of things: that necktie skirts are actually hopelessly déclassé and amateurish-looking, even when they are made well, and also that they are in fact kind of difficult to make correctly. If you just sew them together at the sides with out unstuffing them they form a big unwieldy swirl. That project was a “fail” (a word Safire remarked on yesterday), but Gary got the pick of the litter in terms of the best ties from the eBay lots. The gold of the tie is of course picked to match my brocade party dress, which I am pleased to say I bought a couple of weeks ago at the Housing Works thrift store for TWENTY DOLLARS, and I just sort of happened across it, saw it in the window and drifted in. The best things come to you when you are not looking for them, clearly. The same is true of the shoes, although they were not so cheap, and they are not particularly comfortable (I have very fussy feet), but MY GOD, aren’t they gorgeous? They were half price: JUNO is the brand, and I do feel like Juno in them, really.


Rick and Eleana looked ever so elegant in their reception outfits: Eleana ethereal in a simple off-white loose shift with asymmetrical side drapes, and Rick in a Mad Men suit that fit him like a dream.


I asked Gary to photograph my ponytail, because I never know what I look like from the back, and then also against some graffiti because it was there.


Black beaded clutch purse and necklace inherited from my glamorous grandmother, Geri Goldberg. I really felt I was channeling her yesterday. She actually had a gold lamé BIB that she would wear to restaurants.

Here’s Gary in the cab home checking his iPhone and looking fluffy.


p.s. here’s what I wore during the day. I thought I looked “Italian”:

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