People can get really defensive


Most everything I write isn’t factual. It’s in my opinion.
And in my opinion there’s way to much voodoo out there.
Plus you can never have too much cilantro,
and I totally think that I should take over the world with a giant robot.

Thoughts on tolerance, hyperalgesia, and short-acting opioids?
Well, the best smelling roses are, unfortunately,
not the new hybrid teas, IMHO.
And in my opinion I think all people are racist !!!

I totally think that life’s a zoo
and that the word ‘ tessitura ‘ should, in my opinion,
be used in its literal sense to mean the texture
of the whole fabric of musical composition

It’s a pretty open and shut case IMHO.
I do not believe that the jury will believe she committed sepukku.
Oh yes, in my opinion.
Best machete ever made? IMHO, yep.

To make the phrase dangle loosely
Declare a Fatwa on eating mermaids!
This, in my humble opinion, one might tuck in
when presented with a nice pot roast of unicorn.
Are there any recipes?

Like spices, moods can be sprinkled onto an already great idea,
enhancing the flavor and benefitting the presentation.

IMHO, though, it is largely randomness.

And I, I totally think that students should NOT have homework
because I myself is a student. And i totally think
that it is rediculious that nobody will put in enough effort
into the problem to try and stop it.

In my opinion, most porn flicks need an editor..
I know I know…People can get really defensive
about their own Banana Bread.

And yes, I totally think that this fringe bag
and these gladiator wedges go with everything,
and that being pregnant with multiples
can totally change your entire body.

Really, I am by far no expert, but I totally think
that sleeping pills would be the WRONG thing
to give to children!! They don’t need to sleep for crying out loud.

i totally think that all we need is love
and that readers can be burdened by heaviness
in your words but on the other hand,
sometimes people that are already feeling heavy
are looking heavy, too.

Now if I am feeling in a loving sort of way
my poetry comes out more earthy, softer
and most people feed on it like a drug.
I think softer poetry or poems expressing love
are a much better hit because everyone
wants to feel good, I don’t think anyone
wants to really feel bad.

Listen, I promise to blog tomorrow. over here,
in between cleaning up beer, hair and underwear, everywhere.


Black mirrored choli, assorted bangles, wraparound Nepalese skirt, toering platform wedges, and plenty of eyeliner. This is one of the many skirts I have that is approximately four inches too long (because, it occurs to me, the average woman in the United States is 5′ 4.9″, and I can’t in good conscience put anything after the 5′) but as I mentioned earlier, I’M NOT GOING TO HEM THEM ALL: THAT WOULD MAKE ME CRAZY.

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