Today’s Ensemble: for Yayoi Kusama

John Locke wrote, “Enthusiasm is founded neither on reason nor divine revelation, but rises from the conceits of a warmed or overweening imagination.” My, he was an ascetic-looking man, wasn’t he?

I suppose he meant that as a put-down, but it sounds like a compliment to me. Sort of like when people say “It’s a bit costume-y.” My enthusiasm for the Outfit Project continues unabated.

Dress to live; live to dress.

Some garments require a real commitment to standing out: “that’s a great dress, wow.”

today's ensemble: raintidote

I feel a little like a game of Twister in it, or a package of WonderBread, or like Little Dot:

My personality has to adjust, chameleon-like, to the requirements of the dress. Today’s strategy was: dress against the grayness and the cool rain. The fullness of the skirt is achieved by the godets, which (I’ve mentioned them before) increase skirt sweep and volume without adding bulk at the waist. It twirls wonderfully.
The pose reminds me of this photo of Erwin Blumenfeld’s:

The lines of the fabric undulate in the Paris sky. Tra la la!

Here’s Bishop Berkeley in a matching black satin toque-thingy and overcoat, with, I don’t know how to describe it technically, the most wonderful forked cravat. He looks happier than Locke, empirically speaking.

added later: perhaps the toque is velvet?

4 thoughts on “Today’s Ensemble: for Yayoi Kusama

  1. Hi Nada,

    *Love* the dress. One of my favorites in the series so far.

    In Locke's defense, his “enthusiasm” I think was more like our evangelical iron-clad faith-based conviction than like, you know, being excited about something you dig a whole lot. Calling down fire and plague on all of London for the sins of having theaters open and women on stage in them, or figuring political opponents as the Antichrist, was “enthusiastic,” not letting your freak flag fly down Second Avenue. Not that he looks like a man with much freak to fly in that picture, granted. Maybe a “Twister” pattern on the tunic would help?

  2. Locke has the look of a genius. If you never met a genius, they kind of suck. I mean, they don't tell you anything, really, and make a big production of lying and making annoying metaphors. The other guy at the bottom just seems well-fed. One might say he's clever. He's probably finally figured out not to pick his nose or something.

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