today’s ensemble



Here I am in my Skull with Pink Flowers
Infant Bodysuit forever relighting my own image
against steady palls of creamy lyrical black pain.

The future, you see, is infantilized.
There will be tantrums and crying fits,
personalized burp cloths, onesies,

blankets, travel wipe cases, and tutus
for that goon squad of poseur bureaucrats
in their tanks and battle gear moving

like ugly dolls that are so cute in an ugly way!
Pink tray makes ice in all kinds of Kitty shapes
drawing endless amounts of creepy fetish porn

in cloying shades of pink, with Candied Yams
up the 80s asses of their hairless bodies, and tragically
I infantilize myself with too much lace, ruffles, and flowers.

Add the shrimp and cook until the shrimp turn pink
and are well coated with the sauce, my vulgar darling:
Hey, let’s have sex together and forever tonight.

You with your colorful stud heart and “Glamorous” writing .
me with my cool modern styling and scarf designed by
the “Original Food Scarf Artist” Twinkie Chan!

If only real nurses were this cute! O Vocaloid Chibi Maker,
O, Stalin, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, stop dreaming
of hydrogen and My Little Pink Flower Infant Shoes.

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infants, newborn, newborns, toddler, toddlers,
kids, flowers, smile, smilie, fun, cute, bright!

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