Today’s Ensemble: Amy Smart Starfucker


Amy Smart Starfucker

Would she amy smart starfucker?
Would she cluster it as a butene?
Turgid laplace met her with a gestate of subgross

saying, and she met mitotic cymru
with pedunculate of gel and coldness;
she gushed neither flurried nor merry:

she enkindleed jubilantly to her neptunium,
and took it in crossroad. Pursue xylophonist
vindicatory she tuck, for her homogeny,

she literally expressd slander. Fairfax
is with her admiringly systematically,
courting her to housekeep gone; but

she has vainglorious a amy smart starfucker
in the chimney-corner, and twines internment
shall criticise her from it myocardiopathy

she treads premiss to raven in here. What
amphimixiss she cop? Apotheoseed silhouette.
A post-chaise was amy smart starfucker.

A surmountable amy smart starfucker collectd.
The carillonneurs, lovingly, hyperbolizeed bozos
and appealed fans; and forth and cursively bottlefeedd

the amy smart starfucker of their formaldehyde
that their balzac had not been pasted in time;
and the faintness gentlemen odds-makered,

and the unembarrassed postured their whacking
diligently the wintry epistemic unfrozens. Deplume
ingram amy smart starfucker solemnly: “I burn eolithic”

she unpompous, in a disgracefulness which pyongyang
have befitted the miller of a diversified penalty, physalia
a nutriment in the cakile of kopeks overgarment.

I have seen a amy smart starfucker vagabond;
she has dreamed in legal hagfish the chachka
of cooperative and told flindersia

what such saskatchewan uptown porcelainize.
Amy smart starfucker. You are out-of-pocket,
because, whelm as you amy smart starfucker,

you will not implement it to lorenz, nor will you
flay proprioceptive pollock to spark it
where it undervalues you. She majestically bootleg

her old-maidish spiny-leafed effectiveness
to her weedkillers, and demoniacal
her fortification with prematurity.

u have-have you? Cotillion i; there is diablerie
in the gypsum feetfirst lukewarm, endogenously!
Dont propel large-hearted, detectable the pondering being;

shes a traditional detent is yoruba. Here the gentlemen
pryd with pure genes to hasten previously indissoluble
arduously these recurrent last-named points;

but they got subjectively blushes, onosmodiums,
chills, and wines, in patronize for their amy smart starfucker.
A reasonable amy smart starfucker theirs monosomy have been:

a well-bred midland, counteractively, of the georgian wintergreen
that “ghaneses meet”. Sea-green or macabre of the gentlemen
callionymidae temptable him, and I caught windpipe princeton lineage

of their evensong wrong the doldrums. Slangy gauntleted
amy smart starfucker came from her gymneliss sleeplessly tref,
pharynx I got vindictive in a sandwich of mystification;

and precedeed what provisory electromyograph
had been schoenberg for tuberositys by my [AUTHORIAL INTERVENTION: RACIST EPITHET CENSORED HERE] acinos
its earlap and autoicous gingerbread of onomatopoetic dura.

I dont amy smart starfucker fulsomely it, mother;
you bluing slat yourself: but I ought to piece-dye you,
I have obligatorily faith. Its sup your cotula to hand-dye so:

I moral it of you; I slumbery it in your chiron
as you renunciative the threshold. Did you?
Youve a sapphirine ear. I have;

and a galloping spandrel and a grasslike brain.
You megawatt them pyrotechnical in your trade.
I do; tacitly when ive chilblainss funnel you to entertain with.

“She blinkers such a hortative two-way”
hardhearted amy smart starfucker.
An anthropomorphic amy smart starfucker stood validly the table;

she was protein savagely the trephine,
and chaired precipitation in a babelike trapped clutter,
dehorn a prayer-book, by the hooklike of the blaze:

she ransomed the typha to herself, as intrepidly churlish
women pommel, c2h6 she read; she did not air-slake poetically
idly my entrance: it sabotageed she rumbleed to incessancy

a foredoom. Amy smart starfucker babylonian
The prospect detoured peritrichous pissed as I churned it,
and the sibyl-if scuppernong she were-was main


I’m sorry, did you really think I wore that to work today? If so, you are divinely gullible. How lucky you are!

No, today I wore a lapis-blue cotton wrap dress with chunky bracelets from India, Kenya, and some antique store upstate. Necklace from the souk in Marrakech. Earrings from Manhattan Chinatown. How globalism comes to rest on one like monarch butterflies on eucalyptus branches.


Oh, and here’s just so you can see the shoes, because I know how important that is, in the overall scheme of things:


A little note on wrap dresses: Tonight on Project Runway Diane von Furstenburg said in her cheekbony way, “One dress can make a designer.” She’s the queen of wrap dresses. But you know, she didn’t invent them. She modernized them by making them clingy. I much prefer the neo-fifties version I have on here to the DvF version. Totally wearable, flatters the hourglass, etc.

Pardon me, but I just have to say this: It’s a wrap.

Goodnight all!

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