Sorry Universe

after Alli Warren

I kind of feel sorry
for the future of everything:
it isn’t easy to shrug
with no shoulders. In the
universe we all feel like
outsiders, all computers
have had sex changes and
the vibrations of sub-atomic
particles are stretched out
sweaty spandex (the fabric of
space-time), by which I mean
it’s just something I made
up as a joke. I’m so sorry
I’m just really upset
I can’t find out what
the universe is… the
leopard universe’s infinite
morbidity of the future
of everything. An alien bug
may or may not be benevolent
and the shape of the universe
is my horrible secret. That’s why
I’m such a stud, considering
relative perspective to reduce
the margin of possible error.
Wow… more sex drama. Ooo.
It Means the World. I kind of
feel sorry for the future
of everything. I’m sorry,
but I’m really going to have to
kill you now.
I hope you don’t mind.

2 thoughts on “Sorry Universe

  1. Hey Nada. This is great! Don't you think Alli's 'apology poem', is an instant & enabling classic in the way of something like “I Remember.” I sure do.


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