cyberloli/decololi: a play

Craig Dworkin: Cyber and Decora Lolita? I’ve noticed two sub categories of lolita that seem fairly new, because not a lot of people do it, and they are not mentioned on most lolita websites. These two styles are apparently hybrids, one combining lolita with the style known as Cyber,and one combining lolita with the style known as Decora.

Should these hybrids be considered lolita subcategories, or should they just be called cyber-lolita and decora-lolita mixes? Do you think they will grow in popularity, or will they simply be a passing fad? Should these categories be added to the style pages of the lolita handbook

Feel free to share your opinion of either style, and if you know when or how the other categories of lolita emerged (like country) feel free to share that as well. For that matter, does anyone know what the original lolita style was? I’d love know who originally started dressing like that (and don’t try and tell me it was Mana) or see the first ever picture of a lolita!

Barrett Watten:
Are there any more examples of cyber lolita? What you have there, despite the petticoat and knee-socks, does not look like lolita to me in any way. That’s just clubwear.

Kenneth Goldsmith: I think decora-lolita is legitimate, and I’ve seen it done a lot. Mostly I think it’s okay because the main difference is in the makeup and accessories. They’re still adhering to the clothing guidelines, for the most part.

Looking at more photos on deviantart of cyber-lolita, it seems more of an offshoot of erololi to me. While, yes, it is cute, it’s not really lolita. The skirts are all far too short. While erololi is seen by some as legit and some as not, some of the time the skirts are longer. All the cyber-lolita I saw had extremely short skirts. I think that you might be able to do a nice cyber-lolita but the ones I saw were more ‘club wear inspired by lolita’ than ‘lolita with club wear touches’, imho.

Rodrigo Toscano: I’ve never seen a decent example of cyber lolita. Ever. I like decora lolita however, it works really well with brands like Angelic Pretty that love bright colors and patterns.

Well, from what I’ve heard and read it started with the brand Pink House which is considered more natural-kei.

Craig Dworkin: Do you think that cyber lolita could happen? It seems as though it could become a style, if someone really applied it properly. I would call it in its infant stage, if it could be developed more. I think it has potential.

Kenneth Goldsmith: I’ve never really liked Decora, but I think that it looks better as a lolita fusion. Thanks for the info, Rodrigo Toscano! ^_^

Joan Retallack: Cyber lolita and decora lolita are subcategories of lolita, but unless you know tons about cyber or decora I wouldn’t recommend trying either. They’re extremely advanced forms of lolita that combine different style aspects from other fashions. Cyber and decora are also very specialized styles, like lolita, so if you’re doing it wrong with cyber or decora, you’ll be doing it wrong even if you’re doing lolita with it right. Decora especially. It’s not just wearing a bunch of hair accessories.

Rodrigo Toscano is right, I’ve never seen cyber done right. Ever. The picture you posted is pretty much just a goth chick, neither lolita or cyber (just look at her skirt, it’s completely wrong, and dreadfalls does not cyber make). Lolita started as an offshoot of the otome/natural kei movement, and Pink House is one of the relatively accepted “birth brands” of lolita. Basically natural kei was inspired by Little House on the Prairie and Prairie/Victorian looks.

All in all, when you’re just beginning it’s extremely hard to balance what is one style let alone becoming an expert on two. Unless you have a very well rounded idea of what is acceptable in both fashions you’re attempting (decora, lolita and cyber), I wouldn’t try it. I don’t even know that much about cyber and decora, so I really have no interest in trying to attempt a fashion I don’t understand and failing miserably, lol.

Juliana Spahr: I would like to see a good example of cyber lolita some day because I think the concept could be very interesting, but unfortunately I have yet to see that. Most of the time, I just see people with synthetic lace sewn to regular revealing cyber clubwear. It seems like a lot of people who attempt this don’t know much about lolita.

As for decololi, I really like it. I see it done well much more often and I think all the deco accessories work really well in sweet lolita… however, decora has its own set of rules and DOES involve coordination, much like lolita. It’s not a free-for-all of colors and layering.

Kenneth Goldsmith: It’s really too bad cyber-lolita hasn’t been done that well yet because it seems like it could work out nice if done properly with just a slight cyber influence. Juliana Spahr, maybe you should attempt one. =)

I just had an idea! This would be a very good fashion challenge. Take a bunch of girls wearing similar basic lolita outfits and have them try to emulate diffferent styles by altering the outfits and using different accessories. It could be a lot of fun to see how people interpreted the different sub-categories of lolita from the same basic outfit.

Rodrigo Toscano: I don’t think cyber lolita will ever really work to be honest. The styles are just so different, especially in terms of modesty and color schemes. I think it would at least be really hard to do without looking just cyber or just lolita, they’re both styles with really strong almost opposite ideas. I may try to do some polyvore sets, though, just for fun.

Marjorie Perloff: That’s an interesting site. I’ve been thinking of trying to do some Japanese Street Fashion meetups either at cons or just photoshoot themes. So I was thinking it might be interesting to try at a meetup. Could work with other styles of JSF as well. Please let me know if you post those sets, because I’d like to see them. =)

Craig Dworkin: Oh don’t worry, I definitely won’t be trying Cyber or Decora, (I’m a lover of Classic) but I think it would offer a good challenge to try and blend Cyber with Lolita, since, as you said, they are rather different, but I think it could be accomplished.

Joan Retallack: Oh, certainly. With Decora. I have my reservations about Cyber, though. Decora is more easily mixed (I’ve seen a few really awesome examples of deco-loli), but a true mix of Cyber and lolita might not be reasonably achievable. They are very different styles. Someone who is very versed in both styles probably could do it however. I really haven’t talked to many people that have a great interest in both, though. I don’t forsee it happening any time soon.

Craig Dworkin: Then I shall make it my goal! *this is the part where you see the fire burning in my eyes* I love a challenge! And while I may not wear it, I will certainly design it! MUHUWAHAHA! All I need now is research! *runs off*.

Jonathan Skinner: I can’t see a proper crossing of the Lolita and Cyber styles myself, but sometimes people can amaze you with what they can accomplish with fashion. I can’t say if it would ever really be recognized as a proper Lolita sub-category, considering the flack that Ero-loli receives, but if Punk can earn itself a sub-catergory, then Cyber seems to stand a pretty good running (as extreme as that sounds).

I would be curious to see how one would make Cyber fit a Lolita silhouette, so to speak. Also, would you use LED rope with plastic ruffles instead of lace? It’s kind of interesting to think about it. Oh, the blasphemous possibilities.

Craig Dworkin: I’m not having much luck finding information on Cyber. Is there a Cyber Handbook like theres a lolita handbook? ^_^() or anything else that could help me, for that matter, please give a link!

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