Today was hot

and no one wanted to go out and play, and I couldn’t work on my project any more, because it was starting to derange me, so I made a skirt out of this beautiful ironic fabric I bought in Japan. It has DEER and KITTIES on it as well as birds (PTARMIGANS, to be exact), flowers, and butterflies. It took me just a few hours to make it, and I’m rather proud of that.

I'm getting to be a quicker sewist

The project I’m working on is modeled on episodic situation comedies, vaudeville, and variety shows. It incorporates not only the usual benshi ventriloquism and commentary but also autobiography, video collage in which characters “interact” and I “interact” with them, a combo of “home” movies (with select poets making cameo appearances) and found footage, and, of course, poetry & song. Also: porn & burlesque (both retro & highly manipulated so as to be “arty”) for your delectation.

It will make its debut July 11th at the Bowery Poetry Club, at 6 pm, as part of the new and exciting P||R||O||J||E||C||T||I||O||N||S series curated by Jeremy James Foxtrot Thompson & Paolo Javier. O please come!

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