Chihuahua Noises

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She whimpered when he curled his hand

around her mound “Oh, god,” she whimpered.
What if a chihuahua sounds like she’s coughing up
hairball?  As my stiffness bottomed out of her,
she whimpered softly at the emptiness left behind.
Chihuahua Making Monkey Noises: it sounds like
a reverse sneeze. it appears that ***** women
tend to make incredibly whiny, squeaky noises
during the act:  Chihuahua stomach noises?,
Chihuahua upset stomach?, Puppy tummy noises?
Chihuahua Danger, Mammal Sound Effects,
and audiosparx extend their necks, make snorting
or honking noises, open their mouths… chihuahua
makes hacking noises and spits up what looks like spit.
Every time you have sex with an ***** woman, a puppy
dies. She whimpered again and wiggled above him.
Chihuahuas can also make snorting and grunting noises
when they are playing or just investigating a new smell.
Vocal pitch is only partially the result of anatomical
differences between men and women, and the remaining
factor is due to culturally expected norms.
***** Girl Sex Screams Race Car Sounds While Fucking
A chihuahua puppy sounds like a quail.
all ***** women make anime noises while you’re
having sex with them.  Furthermore, *** girls  are honest,
kind, friendly and they take care of their boyfriends,
husbands and children better than others. From cooking to cleaning
to cars, engines, girls, hairy, noise, porn, race, scream, and sex.
Pubic Hair question: Do ***** peoples have pubic hair?
Develop a slightly arrogant, upright walk. The way you walk
greatly reflects on how confident you are, and *** girls love
confidence. Plus always remember to keep your chest out and
shoulders back, this will make you appear to be wider
and stronger than you actually are.

2 thoughts on “Chihuahua Noises

  1. That's so gross! But a good poem. . . but, you know, I'm partial to thinking about the mammals, the people-mammals and the other mammals. . . & how to write about that contiguity without sounding like Michael McClure or something.

  2. You're writing such strong poetry (and prose) lately. It probably doesn't surprise anyone…but I bet it surprises you. Mr. McCaffery is right about the difference. I found your comments on satire in the other post fascinating. You know yourself. Thank God or someone. I think we can be destroyed by people who do not know themselves (happens every day) but I don't think you're in any danger of that happening. Your poetry is a sensuous creature that's morphing again. You remind me of Keats (weirdly enough). If he had gotten a chance to visit Japan for a significant period of time, of course. 😉

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