It’s My Party

In this bittersweet comedy
crocheted flowers are the ultimate
decoration, complete with faux
trumpet solo featuring hues of powder
pink and orange sherbet
with the words “it’s my party”
in a fuchsia script font!
It’s My Party and I Can Wear a
Tutu if I Want To!
It’s My Party! Everyday! All day!
But especially today! Wusssssup?!
LMAO! You guys! I’m so excited!
it’s my party and i’m done cryin’ –
let’s roar pumas.
Its My Party features a beautiful
young woman smiling gleefully
as wrapped presents and roses fly around her.
It’s my party and …. I don’t know why I started
crying. I didn’t mean to. I guess it is the normal
reaction to the letdown. Lily discovers her boyfriend
snogging another girl one night on top of these
adorable puppy and dog birthday party invitations
and a pile of party supplies, glow products, glow sticks,
Bar Mitzvah Party Favors, Oktoberfest Party Supplies
and Disco Dangler Sunglasses!
and then, and then… Balloon Bouquets fly up like flames from a suttee
into the sky!!

           Singing Balloons
           Personalized Balloons
           Number Balloons
           Summer Balloons
           Western Balloons
           Casino Balloons
           Rock & Roll Balloons
           Disco Balloons
           Fiesta Balloons
           Hollywood Balloons
           Luau Balloons
           Patriotic Balloons
           Bridal Shower Balloons
           Wedding Balloons
           Anniversary Balloons
           Religious Balloons
           Valentines Day Balloons
           Mardi Gras Balloons
           St. Patricks Day Balloons
           Hanukkah Balloons
           Latex Balloons
           and miles and miles of Curling Ribbon

It’s my Party and I’ll Write if I Want To!
It’s my party:  see interactive relationship map

One thought on “It’s My Party

  1. If I had been Lily it would have been the desecration of the Bar Mitzvah party favors that would have really undone me.

    My word verification word gives me the Hebrew for such a desecration: harnarit.

    There's a whole section on harnarit in the Bibulonian Talmud.

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