Men Are Monsters!

All men are monsters, mother crooned.
I think most women are moody because most men are monsters. …
Men are monsters who crave young flesh. The end.”
Stalin was a monster, therefore all men are monsters.
these Candian men are monsters. They have sex a million times a year
Men are monsters, pedophiles and all, and Enablers are saints and carnival queens!
Men are monsters because of their reactions to women’s bodies
Eneven tho Im a man I do belive that most men are monsters and most women are angels.
Men are monsters, men are cads, But remember we have dads,
And without them there ‘d be quite a lack.
men are monsters ruled by the methamphetamine
All men are monsters and they do just what they please.
They like to have you there for their monstrocities.
“shark men”) are monsters found in Japanese folklore.
They are humanoid for the most part
with black skin and green, luminescent eyes
“All great men are monsters.” — Honoré de Balzac
Men are monsters! …They approach you with a sweet face,
then take your money and stuff!
You see, men are monsters and are to blame for everything bad in the universe.
Now I know that all men are monsters. [LADY WINDERMERE rings bell.]
The only thing to do is to feed the wretches well.
Some men are monsters blowing flutes,
and some have to stand up under the banner of drums.
At this time it is also called the Big head monster.
men are monsters and women are sugar and plums

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