Men are Scary!

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white men are scary.
Black Men ARE Scary
BRITISH men are scary?!
Poor , non ambitious men are scary
all you men are scary ,BUT VERY EXCITING!
oh my pig men are scary
well sometimes men are scary skinny
taurus men are scary, dominant and aggressive
all bearded men are scary
Eccentric Gay Men Are Scary           
turkish men are scary
German men are scary, even scarier when they are angry and in uniform!
Personally I think some of the muscle-men are scary
Old men are scary in general – I’m 23 now and I still can’t look at one without wishing he was younger and thus less scary.
overplucked, overwaxed men are scary on so many levels
Men are scary, wolves are scary, men PLUS wolf is even scarier! Eek!
airy men are scary men are scary men are scary men. Smilies are scary men are.
girly men are scary
Bald men are scary.
Bunny men are scary.
Giant lego men are scary
Army men are scary.
And yes, all ice cream men are scary, and dirty. It’s part of the pre-requisites.
Mountain men are scary enough without being infected.
mechanical men are scary because it seems as though lifeless metal and machines have come-alive
Weird creepy men are scary!!!!
men are scary slime balls of creepiness
o iis natural that dead men are scary. but dead man also dont bite. …

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