IDK IDK IDK IDK IDK IDK IDK IDK need the. Motion of the hands somehow making signifying forms everything feels a little fake but friendly herein new York wherein I live grey and grimy the cockroaches deD on their backs on the basement floor I font take time to think Anoury hum or say a mention if solemnity Zoe drhwm baciaw I songbcare that they have fief stupid life forms

La bye est screwed he fornicates he ignores hurry lightbulb unde his conscience with a happy ending scrob red cross paprika facebook object to your orange shoes o could kick you the aggression a fairy hole against tainted offspring. Vand the notes ate almost above consciousness in the way that art I’d when you screw it out of position on an infinite figure eightim not nomad I hate the floozy and her ingenuous ev and get ev sisters I pour and pour this out of my broken person with rain inside the parts that ate hollowed by gravity may you have a year of the most profound misery, motes in your eye and her rues and her sisters eyes. I font know I’m a subvultur hump on the pangs in the way that his glass rib turned into a glass girl you couldn’t fuck because you ere married but you fucked her anyway, fidnt you, you fuckef her and fickef her, fucked her uy little strip of pubic hair like a jumpy wolf with your little boy organ. Your her sour juices in my sheets you whiny spud and
My literary mannerismsbpeople dance you broken into me the ciphers bleed out of my cho muumuu
Humpy humpy humpy

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