torn face

so i had this dream that i found
my true love but then i got caught

in this place where they wanted
to take off my face and he wasn’t there

to help me. face gone gross extreme.
Neither the torn face nor the destroyed

voice could carry expression but
there was anxiety in the clear eyes.

i got myself out but then it turned out
that my true love had his face ripped off

too and replaced by another torn face
(a person with) a bad- tempered, sulky, glum

face. They became restless; their names rose;
their nostrils drew in the air with a snort.

One of them made a sudden dash on the body
of a woman with a torn face. What is a facial

injury? A person with a facial injury has damage
to the structures of the face, caused by an injury.

all of my friends faces were getting there faces
ripped off and replaced everyone was telling me

it was going to be ok but i refused. Torn Buddha
face. Cat’s Torn-Off Face Reattached. Free Torn

Face Clown Pictures. “Greetin’ face” or “torn face”
and “soor face” are all used to describe someone

who is looking miserable. Although my face was
ripped off, and I was blinded, I was able to make

my way back to my vehicle and drive myself
down a rutted mountain. the foam ripped

on the black face it ripped clean off of the
plastic plate. Smaller fish removed by the hook

stripper tended to have a greater proportion
of more severe torn cheek and jaw and torn

face wounds. Masks to Die For! Skinned
Halloween Face Mask, Torn Bleeding Flesh

Tales of the Crypt Type Creature Latex
Halloween Mask. How to face paint the torn

face look. Does This Look Like The Face
Of A Lady Who Ripped Her Daughter-In-Law’s

Nipple Off During A Family Brawl? Ripped face/
Zombie face. i was screaming and running

and scared for my true love
very scared very scared

what does that mean

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