i cooked

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a variety of curries:  Indian, Thai, Japanese, biryani, a kind of garlicky clam noodle soup, beef stew,
cappelini or linguine with sardines or salmon, rattatouile, lamb chops
with chutney, pike mackerel Japanese style, with daikon, broiled whole
sea bass, chili, Mexican chicken soup, butternut squash soup, broccoli
chceddar soup, salads with arugula, salads with spinach, salads with
apples and goat cheese and pecans, greek salads, Italian salads,
Belgian salads with fried eggs, cha-han, kara-age, salmon, rice, brown
white and mixed with barley, trays of roasted vegetables, whole
roasted chicken, even turkey, twice, zaru soba, guacamole, trays of

beautiful h’ors d’ouevres for our parties….

what does she cook? 

he doesn’t cook.

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