drab, deep mauve

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On the way back from the hospital on Monday I bought a fish, one fish, a sanma (pike mackerel). It cost me 47 cents.  How economical it is to live alone! That was tonight’s dinner, with brown rice and miso soup from a packet.  The cats hovered annoyingly.
Finished the Horney book.  I still haven’t figured myself out entirely (or even remotely), but I have figured out a few other people and that’s interesting.
My apartment is so hot the back of my neck is sweating.
I’m full of love, but afraid to put it anywhere.
Now I have some assignments so I am going to do my assignments.  I’m not sure why I needed to tell you that, or for that matter any of this.  I’m chatty. I like talking.  The snow is in big Seusslike clumps on the hedges, the sky a drab, deep mauve.

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