What do they talk about?

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I often wonder what they talk about.  I asked him, “Does she know who Jack Smith is?” and he said, “no, but she knows who Matthew Barney is,” as if… as if… one can even mention Jack Smith and Matthew Barney in the same breath.  I bet they don’t talk about
The Baron de Rothschild
Tristan Tzara
Language Poetry
Maya Deren
Joe Sacco
V. Shantaram
Dan Davidson
K. Silem Mohammad
Lorine Niedecker
Samuel Beckett
Matt Madden
Clark Coolidge
Bernadette Mayer
Joe Brainard
Hannah Weiner
Lewis Klahr
Max Ernst
Carolee Schneemann
George Kuchar
Misora Hibari
Sharon Mesmer
Guru Dutt
Frank O’Hara
Drew Gardner
d.a. levy
Rob Fitterman
Philip Whalen
Kathy Acker
Richard Foreman
Asha Bhosle
Song Poems
I could go on and on and on.  Really, what do they talk about?  Do they just fuck all the time?  Or do they talk about Julia Roberts, alcohol, improv, their desk jobs, SE Asia, Japan?  I hope they move to Laos together and just get out of my face. Lots of prettier girls available there cheap, though, so she better watch him, with his track history. He could be a kind of ethnomusicologist of pussy.

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