go directly to jail

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I was making tuna fish sandwiches for my kids one afternoon when two undercover cops came to my door saying I will put you in jail if what you bought from me is played on a gizmo I don’t approve of and I will put you in jail If you write another wack ass poem.
[I thought to myself, keep under control]  
Send an ‘indecent’ text, go to jail
[keep in check] 
Understand climate, go to jail.
[Keep your temper keep your cool] 
We all have to go to jail now.
[keep from exhaling or expelling; “hold your breath”]
It’s like being thrown in jail for life simply for being born. A crocodile was thrown in jail over an obscene fashion statement. A South African was thrown in Jail for trying to breed with an Albino Clownfish. Last night I was thrown in jail just for murdering a mosquito!
Still… there’s Glamour in the Slammer
and plenty of time to consider such questions as
Why does the Passive-Aggressive play a victim role?

Why are passive-aggressives relationship obstructionists?

Why do passive aggressive men withhold sex to punish their wives?

Isn’t passive aggressive behavior a form of abuse?
The idea of babies living the first months of their lives behind bars is sad to contemplate, not to mention Puppies Behind Bars, or the hiccup girl sentenced to life with hiccups.
One reason I started this blog was to practice restraint. It is noble to practice restraint, but my tongue is nearly bleeding. After all, if those animal cops came to my door I could only be arrested for giving her too many cat toys and treats.
I’ll leave The Cake Of Finality with you to allow you practice restraint. Don’t eat it. 
He walked out, largely. 
ooh eee ooh, oooh eee ooooh

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