People Suck

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Why do people suck balls?
People suck balls because they
enjoy it and they tast good!
Unauthorized duplication is a sin.
Mean People Suck Tablatures, Chords,
Tabs. Theologically, people suck at being
human the way God intends humans to be.
Beer and Drugs Make People Suck Creative
Writing. Unique people suck skins.
People Suck as interpreted by a scar in the sky.
At this point in my life, thumbsucking
is to me what valium is to others.  
So when I say that white people suck, I
only mean that they suck to paint because
of their difficulty. I am 39.  I am an avid
thumb sucker.  I have thought about
how life would be if I lost my thumb.  
I would be miserable.  I find great comfort
in my thumb.   Many people suck designs
on Pet Bowls for Dogs & Cats. People suck
or maybe im just being overly sensitive…

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