silver paper hat

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Back in high school, i never really belonged
to any of “the groups” or “the cliques.”
and before you start explaining why
you removed me from the candidates list…
don’t. I don’t need or want to know.
This weekend’s weather gave me
the distinct feeling the earth really
doesn’t want us here. It absolutely
makes it difficult to live here as I know
when I’m not needed. I know when
I’m not useful. I know when I’m not curable.
The bewilderment I felt from anger
quickly dissipated into fear as I watched
John turn and walk away from me. Walt
Disney named a dog after me. Teachers
always put me last on the science quiz.
Darth Vader gives me more respect.
“I can’t talk about this anymore.”
“What if he comes for you?”
She shook her head. “He won’t.” “
I just came by to pick up one last
I can sense when the church
members are cliquish and unfriendly.
Janet got up and took off her silver
paper hat. It caught on one of her
snowman earrings. [Lame try at airiness.]
 Visibly crestfallen, unable to hide it,
he turned and moved off I’m going
to pack my bags and leave. o again
I’m sorry to have disturbed your
community, it won’t happen Sniffles
and looks back with a sad look on his face.
But I’m cured….. I swear. I work my fingers
to the bone to bring you all happiness and
THIS is the Thanks I Get! (sniff sniff)
(She drops a basket full of laundry on the
floor.) Then he wrote his emo letter
and packed up his stuff. I’m bloody
used to it. I thought you were different
…sigh. I can see all the signs. You put goo
on me and try to cut me. I can take a hint.
I’m going now. Don’t try to stop me. I
would never be a burden. He said in
dissappointment, sitting up with
a boner out.”You girls have fun…
I’ll just walk out this way.” 😦
sulk. But before I go I’ve got
something to say to you people.
You talk about ancient beauty
and life… *packs his bags*
…and you can keep the jewelry.
Janet got up and took off her silver
paper hat. Janet got up
and took off her silver
paper hat. Janet got
up and took off
her silver
paper hat.

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