A Treatise on Testicles

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Testicles are made for rubbing and licking.
Testicles are made for being wrenched off.
Chocolate was designed to make you horribly fat.
Life isnt really worth living but death is even worse.
Our testicles are made for making babies, not withstanding
punches, or being kneeded there. I know girls who get
a “puffy taco” from just having sex to hard.
You’re testicles are made for gambling,
that’s why you have two.
how little you are
testicles are made for a reason
(which is where honor and morals are thrown out the window)
grassy, swampy yak testicles are for the truly hardcore
kangaroo testicles are for lunch
testicles are for fun, just like our breasts
are fun for a man. Except that our breasts have fewer nerves
large testicles are for mating with many females
and not for producing more sperms.
Testicles are for males!!
She asks what a man’s testicles are for
if not to please a woman who comes into contact with them.
Testicles are for squids and Asian school girls.
i give him time to eventually realize what his testicles are for?
he “rapes” stuffed animals usually ones my male dog is playing with.
Testicles are for pulling, tugging, squeezing and milking.
Testicles are for wusses.
if the testicles are for some reason not developed
they will stay in the velvet with their first set of horns
Crazy Greeks, whale testicles are for Chinamen.
Goat milk and testicles are for stereotypical Arabs.
Stereotypical Mongols drink yak’s milk and eat mutton
jerkies. Sheep eyes are considers delicacies.
Either quit whining and cross the street or go in the shop
and find out what the plastic testicles are for and try it out.
Testicles are for losers… Allergic!
He can tell you what the chemicals in your testicles are for;
what happens when you carry too many memories;
Guys have testicles so women can use them for control
they want to know what “the little marble things are”
I am unaware of any reports that Jesus was incomplete,
so this begs the question as to what this God’s penis
and testicles are for? Is there a female god?
I guess your testicles are for decoration only.
The local specialities like puffin, shark, whale
and ram’s testicles are for the adventurous.
Testicles are for fastening leashes to..(grin)
Not for storing in formaldehyde. They are sacred.
Testicles exist to produce more testicles
Testicles exist to be unusual

p.s.  This is a work of appropriated collage and so it must be said that the convictions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the arranger.

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